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2018 ALD™ World Champion – Corey Culver – USA

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2018 ALD™ Open Division Champion – Ryan Thiele – USA

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2017 ALD™ World Champion – Mark Lawrence – USA

2019 Latinoamerica Champion

Mickey Jarrell – USA

Ricardo "The Brazilian Bull" Battistini

Joaquin Fabeiro - Argentina

Luis Munose De Cote - Mexico

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World Championship Weekend Schedule

The Amateur Long Drive™ (ALD™) Championship Competition

Amateur Long Drive™ (ALD™) seasons run from September 1 through August 31st.  The ALD™ Championship Series consists of multiple long drive tournaments (40+) conducted within leagues across the United States and Canada in conjunction with four (4) Regional Major Qualifiers and an annual World Championship. Each league and Regional Major will have competitors vying for world ranking points to make their way into the ALD™ World Championship at the end of the season.  Players compete each year for an invite to the ALD™ World Championship:

  1. By winning a League-Division Championship
  2. By winning a Regional Major-Division Championship (Double Point For Majors)
  3. By winning a World Ranking Points-Division Championship
  4. By winning the World Ranking Points-Overall / Championship
  5. CPI Picks based on CPI (Competitive Performance Index). (Performance/Events Entered)
  6. Wild Card Picks


Corey Culver

2018 ALD™

World Champion


Divisions / Flights

Amateur Players compete in Male and Female divisions including: Youth 13 & Under; Junior 14 to 17; Open 18 to 44; Senior 45 to 59, Super Senior 60 – 69, and 70+. Military and Adaptive Long Drive divisions are added at Regional Majors and in any league where two or more compete in the same division.

Series / Leagues

Leagues are currently established in New England, North Florida, Western Carolinas, Coastal Carolinas, Minnesota-Iowa, and Utah-Nevada in the United States, and in Alberta and Ontario in Canada. Each league will perform multiple tournaments during the season. League division champions are invited to the ALD™ World Championship  Any fully-licensed ALD™ Member may enter any ALD™ League or Major event in any country where ALD™ Events are sanctioned. League points are only applied to those playing in a League claimed as their “Home” League (except for ALD™ Neutral events). All players playing outsider their home league will accumulate World Ranking Points and advance their CPI.

Visit the ALD™ League Portal HERE.

Regional Majors

In addition to league play, competitors may qualify for the World Championship at four Regional Major Qualifiers. Those qualifiers pay twice the points paid by Leagues and consist of the Rumble In Rocky Gap Eastern May 11, (Rocky Gap Casino Resort), Central June 15, Capital City Clash, (Jefferson City Missouri), Western Regional Major June 22 (Morongo Golf Club, Beaumont, CA, and the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) August 15 Barefoot Resort, Myrtle Beach, SC… the day before the World Championship begins.

Learn more about the  Regional Majors HERE.

Live Coverage

ALD™ provides live coverage of the World Championship and certain other major and special events. Family and fans may watch the competition here on

Sponsorship Opportunities

We’re grateful to all the sponsors who support Amateur Long Drive™ and our grassroots efforts to grow the sport. If you would like to be part of the buzz, contact us HERE to receive a list of sponsorship opportunities and our 2018 sponsorship package.

Thanks To Our ALD™ Sponsors, Advisers, & Supporters!

There are approximately 80 volunteer slots to fill. Volunteers may select one or multiple time scheduled slots.

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Amateur Long Drive™ Results – May Update

The ALD™ Championship Series held two events on May 11th to complete the 19th event of the season....just under halfway. There's plenty of opportunity left to compete in the USA and Canada in this season, including 4 more major qualifiers: June 15th in Jefferson City;...

Amateur Long Drive Regional Major Qualifiers

Long Drive Regional Majors The 2018/2019 season (September - August) has five (5) Amateur Long Drive Regional Majors on the schedule. Majors play double points and division winners get an automatic invite to the World Championship. Open to all ages and abilities,...

Amateur Long Drive Territories Available for 2019 / 2020 Season

ALD™ Championship Series The ALD™ Championship Series was launched on September 1, 2019  following the the second World Championship (August 2018). With two seasons of testing the market for Amateur Long Drive interest behind us, we designed a series that would create...

Countdown to the ALD™ Worlds

Forty Tournaments to Play You Way To The ALD™ World Championship We’re approximately through  2/3 of the 2018/2019 season (started September 1st) in terms of time, but just now getting into the meat of the schedule in terms of competition. We’ve only played 1/3 of the...

ALD™ Canada Leads World Ranking

There were three events this weekend causing some moves in World Ranking. It's early in the 2018/19 ALD™ Championship Series, but not too early to watch the world rankings begin to develop in our series for the first time. ALD™ Canada Alberta Series Tour Commissioner,...

ALD™ World Championship Weekend Schedule

This is the tentative schedule for the 2019 ALD™ World Championship weekend August 15th - 17th. The final schedule will be based posted prior to the the event. ALD™ Championship Weekend Schedule Thursday August 15, 2019 Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ)  8 AM...

ALD™ Championship Series Update March 2019

Drive For Show Spring is just around the corner, daylight savings time is now in effect, and we just booked our 27th tournament of the 2018/2019 season. On our way to a goal of 40 tournaments this season, the ALD™ Championship Series is "almost" in full swing. We're...

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