2020 Open Division Winners

Kylee Dubroski &Scottie Pearman

Aaron Hoffman

2020 Open Men’s Division Runner Up

Ethan Cline

2020 Open Military Winner

Kylee Dubroski

2020 Junior Girls Division Winner

Joshua Fair

2020 Junior Boys Division Winner

Sandy Mills

2020 Senior Women Division Winner

Brandon Devereaux

2020 Senior Men Division Winner

Pat Johnson

2020 Super Senior Division Winner 

David Hallenback

2020 70+ (Fossil) Division Winner

Henry O'Grady

2020 Open Adaptive Division Winner

Noah Fair

2020 Junior Adaptive Division Winner

Kauner Kay

2020 Youth Boys 13U Winner

Tucker Teague

2020 Youth Boys 10U Winner

Jake Porter

2020 Youth Boys 6U Division Winner

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The Amateur Long Drive™ (ALD™) Championship Competition

Amateur Long Drive™ (ALD™) seasons run from October through August.  The ALD™ Championship Series consists of multiple long drive tournaments (100+) conducted within leagues across the United States and Canada in conjunction with Regional Major (National) Qualifiers, the National Championship in each particiapting country,  and an annual World Championship. Each league and Regional Major will have competitors vying for world ranking points to make their way into the ALD™ National  Championships at the end of the season.  Players competing in National Championship Sereies Leagues,  Qualifiers, and the national Championship are competing each year for an invite to the ALD™ World Championship. The pathway to the Worlds includes:

  1. By winning the World Ranking Points-Overall / Championship
  2. By winning a World Ranking Points-Division Championship
  3. By winning a National Cahmpionship Division
  4. Wild Card Picks


Divisions / Flights

Amateur Players compete in Male and Female divisions including: Youth 13 & Under; Junior 14 to 17; Open 18 to 44; Senior 45 to 59, Super Senior 60 – 69, and 70+. Military and Adaptive Long Drive divisions are added at Regional Majors and in any league where two or more compete in the same division.

Series / Leagues

Leagues are currently established in North Florida, Western Carolinas, Coastal Carolinas, and Utah-Nevada in the United States, and in Alberta and Ontario in Canada. Each league will perform multiple tournaments during the season. League division champions are invited to the ALD™ World Championship. Any ALD™ Member may enter any ALD™ League or Major event in any country where ALD™ Events are sanctioned. Players accumulate World Ranking Points in Overall, Division, and League / Division categories.

Regional Majors

In addition to league play, competitors may qualify for the World Championship at ALD™ Regional Major Qualifiers. All Majors / Qualifiers pay double points. Majors are placed in areas where leagues are not running to give any competitor an opportunity to play their way to the ALD™ World Championship.

Live Coverage

ALD™ provides live updates on social media for all major events. Coverage of the World Championship and certain other major and special events are produced for television.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We’re grateful to all the sponsors who support Amateur Long Drive™ and our grassroots efforts to grow the sport. If you would like to be part of the buzz, contact us HERE to receive a list of sponsorship opportunities and our 2018 sponsorship package.

HULK SMASH – Jonathan Smith is Addicted to ALD™

How long have you been interested in long drive? Are you also a golfer? I have been interested in long drive for the past 5 years. This is my 3rd year participating. I also play traditional golf and love to get out and play a round with the boys. What is a typical...

Member Spotlight: Ben Sutton

I had the chance to chat with one of the more colorful hitters in ALD™ Ben Sutton is a member of our Western Carolinas League and has been for 3 seasons now. He gave us some great insight on Tournament Director, Matt "Moby" Ellenburg. I am not sure if he will "pay for...

Ultimate Long Drive Academy

ULD Academy Ultimate Long Drive, Inc operates the ULD Academy with Certified Long Drive Trainers / Coaches in licensed territories across the US. The curriculum consists of three stages of clinics plus on-going personal and video lessons designed to help long drivers...

Shane Bell Interview

I had the chance to have a phone conversation with ALD™ Utah/Nevada League member Shane Bell just before Christmas.  He is one of many diehard members we have in our leagues and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.  He is always ready to chat it up with other...

It’s “Hammer Time” with ALD™ Member Zach Hammer

What drew you to long drive?  How did you find ALD? What got me into long drive is after not playing golf for a couple of years, a friend asked me to play a round and after hitting the first tee shot it went 300+ and I was like, wow I should get back into golf but to...

The Deans Make ALD™ a Family Affair

Family is a word we use a lot around ALD™.  We consider our members as part of our family and the family of the sport of long drive.  Our membership contains a few actual families that compete together.  We have brothers, fathers and sons, husbands and wives, and...

Thanks To Our ALD™ Sponsors, Advisers, & Supporters!