We’ve been having a blast traveling around the country meeting amateur long drivers. I am blown away by the desire to compete that has been shown by so many. We’re seeing that most of our hitters are competing in long drive for the first time….approximately 90%.  Therefore, many are using their playing drivers….and that’s perfectly okay for getting started. When I see someone crush a 300+ yard drive with a 10 degree driver exhibiting a hang-time reminiscent of one of Ray Guy’s punts (you younger lads won’t know…google him), I know they have more in the tank. Some coaching and equipment changes can make a huge difference. One of the great things we’ve noticed among long drivers is their willingness to help each other. They actually cheer for each other….and I think that’s extremely cool.

We continue to meet awesome folks with a love for long drive. We met Matt (Moby) Ellenburg of Shark Attack Golf at our Columbia, SC qualifier at Par Tee Range. Moby has been involved in long drive for a long time and has been able to build out some great equipment for a fraction of the cost one might expect.

Check out this video form the man.

Working with guys like our friend, Matt is a GREAT place to begin your journey into finding the right equipment. Reach out to him at https://sharkattackgolf.net or on his Facebook page @SharkAttackGolf .