The Vision

Over the past couple of years the vision for the future of ALD has evolved, developed, and the future direction is becoming reality for the 2018 / 2019 season. We saw interest in long drive in two distinct categories: 1. long drivers aspiring to become professionals; and 2. (the largest) amateurs of all ages and abilities who want to compete for the fun of it. In both cases there is a major shortage of available competition time on the tee. So, we imagined a series of long drive events across the United States and  internationally where long drivers would compete in geo-divided leagues. Players would compete for regional, national, and world ranking points and earn their way into national and world championship tournament events. We saw two apparent pathways to national and world championship tournaments: 1. via the league competition; and 2. via major regional qualifiers. Our vision included expanding the fan base for the sport of long drive through digital media by live streaming our major events. If you’ve been to any of our tournaments and / or have been following our blog, news feeds, and social media, you’ve seen and heard mention of these ideas. Now it’s time to put them to the test.

The Test

The nuts and bolts of the ALD Championship Series will be assembled by Tournament Directors (TDs) in geographically defined territories holding multiple tournaments annually. Ultimately said territories will become Franchises owned by the serving TDs. For the initial 2018 / 2019 season a select group of TDs will enter into “pre-franchise” agreements with ALD for  territories across the U.S.. The initial ALD Championship Series season will be a beta test of the entire system including rules, scoring, points, and qualifying. This group of TDs and ALD leadership will refine the process to make ALD Franchises available in other areas around the globe.

The Reality

As of this writing we have agreements in place for TDs to serve North – Central Florida, South Carolina Midlands, New England, Utah – Nevada, South Carolina Upstate, Minnesota – Iowa, and Coastal Carolinas with others in various stages of consideration. Of the 4 major regional qualifiers planned for this season, we have a confirmed date in the Central Region of June 15th 2019 for Jefferson City, Missouri, and (a date to be confirmed for) the Last Chance Qualifier in Myrtle Beach the day before the World Championship in August 2019. We’re looking for a Western U.S. venue and date as well as a Northeastern U.S. venue and date. This means, players can begin competing and making their way to the World Championship as early as Septmember.

Where to Begin

The first requirement to compete in ALD for the 2018 / 2019 season is to purchase an annual membership / license. This license will have a unique number used for tracking the players points and standings. Although this tracking will be done manually at first, work is already underway on an ALD App that will provide standings, and live scoring.  We hope to have the App live by year end.

Signing up for ALD Membership can be done online HERE or at any ALD event. TDs will have temporary licenses for tracking until a permanent license has been issued.

Membership Benefits

In addition to a license to compete in ALD, the ALD Membership will provide member discounts and exclusive offers on equipment and other services and opportunities. ALD members will receive notification of all major tournament schedules and have access to leagues across the U.S. and abroad. The ALD Competition License allows players to enter any ALD sanctioned event in the world…..and receive player points accordingly.

For more information about current ALD Leagues, click HERE and check back frequently for upcoming events.