Eligibility and Amateur Status

As of September 1, 2018 we are changing our eligibility definition regarding competition in ALD™. Only “amateurs” may compete for league, major, and world ranking points and, therefore transfer to our World Championship. Anyone who has ever entered any golf event to compete as a professional must be reinstated as an amateur by the USGA before competing as an “amateur” in ALD™. Over the past couple of years as we have developed our competition, this question keeps coming up. We previously allowed competitors who had not been paid in three years to compete along side amateurs. We have  decided to let the USGA decide who is an amateur and not. For more information about applying for reinstatement of amateur status click HERE.

Professionals may enter our events, but will not be awarded points or compete for wins against amateurs in any event.

Age Divisions Adjustment & Effective Age Change

We’re adjusting the age divisions slightly for the coming season and beyond. Here are the new divisions: Youth 13 & Under; Junior 14 – 17; Open (any age); Senior 45 – 59; Super Senior 60+. Your effective competition age is based upon your age on the day of competition. When your age changes, your division changes. Examples: 1. You competed as a junior (age 17) during league play and qualified for the World Championship, but your tuned 18 before the date of the championship. Your qualification stands, but you must compete as an adult. 2. You competed as an adult at a qualifier and qualified for the World Championship, but you turned 46 before the date of the championship. Your qualification stands and you may compete in either division or in both divisions…since our rules allow for Seniors and Super Seniors to compete in younger divisions.

Competition License Required

Beginning September 1, 2018 the purchase of an ALD™ Membership /  Competition License is required prior to competing in any event. The annually renewable license of $150 (look for limited time discount offers) for Adults, Seniors, and Super Seniors, and $75 for Youth and Junior divisions is valid from September 1 through August 31st each year.  Licenses may be purchased online HERE or at any event. The license contains your ranking points tracking number and will allow your to accumulate regional, national, and world ranking points except in the case of the ALD™ “Trial” Membership. The Trial membership allows competitors to join free for entry into one (a single) event to see if ALD™ is right for them. Trial members may upgrade to full membership at any time. No competition points are award to trial members.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact us HERE.