Forty Tournaments to Play You Way To The ALD™ World Championship

We’re approximately through  2/3 of the 2018/2019 season (started September 1st) in terms of time, but just now getting into the meat of the schedule in terms of competition. We’ve only played 1/3 of the tournaments booked or planned. As of this writing we have booked 33 tournaments in the U. S. and Canada with at least 7 more being planned.  To date, we’ve played 13. That fact also indicates we’ll hit our goal of 40 tournaments in the first year of the ALD™ Championship Series that is made up of League tournaments in 7 territories, 4 (possibly 5) Regional Major Qualifiers, and the World Championship at Barefoot Resort & Golf in Myrtle Beach, SC. So, for those who worry they may have missed out this season, there’s still plenty of competition left for you to play your way to the 2019 ALD™ World Championship.

Regional Majors

We’re very pleased to announce the addition of Morongo Golf Club In Tukwet Canyon, Beaumont, California as the venue for the Wild West Shootout  (Western Regional Major Qualifier) June 22, 2019. The Eastern Regional (Rumble at Rocky Gap) is May 11th at Rocky Gap Casino Resort in Flintstone, Maryland. The Central Regional (Capital City Clash) is at Turkey Creek Golf Center in Jefferson City, Missouri on June 15th. The Last Chance Qualifier is considered a Regional Major, but is handled differently in that it is technically after the end of the points season…being held the day before the World Championship. World Ranking Points do not come into play at this event. This is literally the last chance to win a slot into the Worlds. We’re still hopeful to announce a fifth Regional Major for this season, but the date and venue are not yet finalized

Five Ways To Get There – Points Season Ends July 31st, 2019

Competitors can make their way to the Worlds by:

      1. Leading a division at the end of the season in World Ranking Points. Points are awards based upon finish position (by division) in each tournament.
      2. Winning a division in a “Home” League. Players who selected a home league compete for League Points on their way to the World Championship
      3. Winning a division in a Regional Major Qualifier. Majors pay double points to assist non-winners in their quest to earn World Ranking Points on their way to the  Worlds.
      4. Leading a division at the end of the season by CPI. Competition Points Index is World Ranking Points multiplied by the number of events entered.
      5. Wild Cards. After all invitations to the World Championship are made, certain Wild Card picks will be invited based upon performance and participation.

The Invitation To The Worlds

At the end of the points season on July 31st, all those who have qualified for the Worlds will receive an official invitation. Hitters will have a short window to accept the invitation before it is offered to the next in line. Those finishing second in the division will be offered next, and so on. Wild Card invitations will also be issued at the same time. Wild Cards could come from Leagues, Regional Majors, or World Ranking results.

World Rankings

Watching the World Rankings develop for the first time in the series has been fun to watch. Hitters are realizing that the system rewards playing multiple events. Competitors are playing outside their home leagues to gain points and move up in rankings… and several are playing league tournaments and signing up for Regional Majors. See current world rankings HERE.

Get Your Tour Card

To compete in the ALD™ Championship Series a Tour Card (membership) is required. The Tour Card renews after the World Championship and is a license to compete in any ALD™ event in the world. Get your Tour card and register for tournaments HERE. Please note there are separate registrations for U.S. and Canada Tour Cards and Events.