ALD™ Championship Series

The ALD™ Championship Series was launched on September 1, 2019  following the the second World Championship (August 2018). With two seasons of testing the market for Amateur Long Drive interest behind us, we designed a series that would create dozens of annual tournaments held in defined territories (leagues). The new series includes multiple Regional Major Qualifiers, and an annual World Championship. We initially planned to allocate five territories across the United States as a proving ground to test the series concept, world ranking points system, and gauge interest on a national level. A goal was set to complete 40 tournaments during the season.

Current Coverage

The 2018 / 2019 ALD™ Championship Series (as of this writing) has leagues operating in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Utah, Nevada, Alberta Canada, and Ontario, Canada with a couple more areas to be potentially started by summer. Regional Major Qualifiers are scheduled in Maryland, Missouri, California, And South Carolina. Adding territories in Canada (or any other country for that matter) during the first season of the series was not in the original plans. But, when five time long drive champ, Fareen Samji approached us about bringing ALD™ to Canada, we found a way to make that happen. We’re on target to complete our goal of 40 tournaments.

New Opportunities

We’re now accepting applications for new territories for the upcoming 2019 / 2020 season that begins September 1, 2019. Of special interest to us are Texas, California, New York, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. We see significant interest coming from those areas, but any state in the United States, and other country territories are possible considerations. We’ve received a lot of interest from the United Kingdom, countries in South America, and Australia to name a few. The number territories allocated this season will be limited depending upon the experience of Tournament Directors / Commissioners involved and overall logistics for support. 

Event Sanctioning

For 2020, we will sanction the Latino Americano Long Drive Championship. The event was held in Mexico City in 2019. The 2020 location has not yet been announced. Single and multiple event sanctioning is a great way for other counties to be involved in ALD™. It is especially feasible for testing the waters before committing resources to run a full-season series. Event sanctioning provides a pathway to the ALD™ World Championship.

Apply For Consideration

If you would like to learn more about owning the rights to an ALD™ territory or country… or sanctioning an event, please fill out the form below. We will follow up and get a dialogue started.

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