Busy Amateur Long Drive™ Weekend In June

June 22nd and 23rd was a busy weekend in the ALD™ Championship Series. The USA Western Regional “Shootout at Tukwet Canyon” occurred on the 22nd at Morongo Golf Club in (Tukwet Canyon), Beaumont, Catalonia. The ALD™ Canada GTA Series event at Southern Pines Golf Club in Mount Hope, Ontario, Canada took place on Sunday the 23rd. Eight hitters punched their tickets to the Worlds on the 22nd, and Canada took more territory at the top of the ALD™ World Rankings.

Shootout at Tukwet Canyon

The ALD™ USA series made its debut on the West Coast with the inaugural Western Regional Qualifier. A strong field of hitters took to the massive range  and stiff headwind at Morongo Golf Club in their quest to transfer to the ALD™ World Championship August 16 & 17 at Barefoot Resort & Golf in Myrtle Beach, SC. Eight hitters accomplished the task in some very tight competition.

Amateur Long Drive Western Regional Winner, Patrick Uetz

Patrick Uetz

In the Open Men’s Division, first-time ALD™ hitter, Patrick Uetz punched his ticket with a 341 yard bomb in his second set. Patrick was followed closely by more ALD-First-Time hitters as Aaron Hoffman came in second. Tyler Barnes improved to third in extra sets and new comer, Chad Schryer finished fourth, improving his position in extra sets. In all ALD™ sanctioned Qualifier events hitters may buy extra sets of six balls up until competition time (determined by the Tournament Director) has expired. Only the winner is confirmed to the World Championships, but other top performers are candidates for ALD™ Wild Cards at the end of the season. Those Wild Card picks will be announced on August 1, 2019.

Amateur Long Drive Western Regional Senior Winner Paul Cleary

Paul Cleary

Paul Cleary will be heading to Myrtle Beach with his win in the Senior (45 to 59) Men’s division. Cleary competed in both the Open and Senior divisions and hit the longest drive of the day to win the Senior division at 342 yards. Brian Mielke from the Utah/Nevada League was second and Scott Landon was third.

Open Women’s division hitter, Lindsay Schryer  played her way to the Worlds. Junior (13 to 17)  Male hitter, Alex Bunting advanced to the Worlds, as his Grandfather, 77 year old Don Bunting qualified in the 70+ Division. Utah/Nevada League regular Pat Johnson edged out Steve Lankford to take the transfer spot in the Super Senior (60 to 69) Male division. From the same league, Josh Mielke transferred from the Youth Male division. First time hitter, Robert Fuqua transferred to the Worlds from the Military / Veterans division.

Proving that long drive is a family sport, this competition had father and son entries with Brian and Josh Mielke, husband and wife entities with Chad and Lindsay Schryer, and grandfather and grandson entries with Don and Alext Bunting. The age range was 11 years old to 77 years old.  #FamilyLongDrive.

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ALD™ Canada GTA Series

Amateur Long Drive GTA Series Event Winner wil cashin

Wil “Smashin” Cashin

The ALD™ Canada GTA series competed at Southern Pines Golf Club in Mount Hope, Ontario, Canada on Sunday June 23rd. Will “Smashin” Cashin solidified his spot at the top of ALD™ World Rankings with his fourth straight ALD™ win in the Open Men’s division with a 372 yard bomb. The very strong GTA series competition had Matt Kindou in second at 355 yards and Ryan Moore third at 354 yards. The second place points moved Kindou to number two in World Rankings and Moore’s third place moved him to number five in World Rankings. Mike Zulauf and Josh Fowler tied at 352 yards. Fowler stepped up from the Junior (13 to 17)  Male division to do test his length in the Open division. He went 340 in the Junior Male division. Mike Zulauf’s fourth place points in the Open division moved him to number six in World Rankings giving ALD™ Canada four of the top six spots in the extremely competitive Open Men’s division. The World Championship are going to be exciting!

Open Women’s hitter,  Kelly Rudney took that division’s top spot in World Rankings with her win at this event and a crushing drive of 304 yards. Doug Downey continues to put up big numbers in the Super Senior (60 to 69) Men’s division with a drive of 300 yards

In the Senior Men’s (45 to 59) division newcomer Andrew Jamie Carr took top honors with his drive of 329 yards. Debbie Peever took the top spot in Seniors women’s division moving her to a tie for first place in World Rankings for that division.

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More Competition To Come – Are You Long Enough?

It’s never too late in the ALD™ Championship Series to get into the action. With several more league events left in the USA and Canada and two Majors left on the schedule playing your way to the ALD™ World Championship at Barefoot Resort & Golf in Myrtle Beach, SC is still possible. Winning your division at a major is an automatic transfer to the Worlds. Placing well in a major could result in a Wild Card pick to transfer. Wild Cards are based upon performance at qualifiers, consistency in league play, and other criteria considered by the ALD™ leadership team.

Midwestern Regional Qualifier

The Midwestern Regional Qualifier “Justice at Jester Park” presented by EK Golf will be held July 13th at the Jester Park Golf range at 6 PM for competition under the lights in Granger, Iowa. Registration in advance of the event is recommended. This will be our second year with a qualifier in this area. The 2018 event was well attended with one of the largest groups of spectators we’ve seen. This will be an exciting and competitive event.

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Last Chance Qualifier

The Last Chance Qualifier on August 15th in Myrtle Beach is exactly that….your last chance to get into the worlds. It is held on the World Championship grid the day before the Worlds begin. This event will fill up. Be sure to register as early as possible. Winners are an automatic transfer to the Worlds and all unfilled Wild Cards slots will be filed  from this event.

Sign Up HERE See the LCQ tentative schedule HERE



Shootout at Tukwet Canyon

22-June Western Regional
Hitter / Div / League / Distance / Points
Patrick Uetz / OM / U / 341 / 1500
Aaron Hoffman / OM / U / 335 / 1400
Tyler Barnes / OM / U / 325 / 1300
Chad Schryer / OM / U / 320 / 1200
Shane Bell / OM / U / 316 / 1100
Paul Cleary / OM / UN / 308 / 1000
Noah Henderson / OM / U / 306 / 900
Brian Mielke / OM / UN / 302 / 800
Peter Maxwell / OM / U / 301 / 700
Alex Bunting / OM / U / 295 / 600
Jeremy Moreno / OM / U / 290 / 500
Michael Olivier / OM / U / 234 / 400
Nathan Ubaurer / OM / U / 228 / 300
Rovert Fuqua / VM / U / 310 / 300
Paul Cleary / SM / UN / 342 /500
Brian Mielke / SM / UN / 316 / 400
Scott Landon / SM / U / 301 / 300
Pat Johnson / SSM / UN / 279 / 400
Steve Lankford / SSM / U / 273 / 300
Alex Bunting / JM / U / 282 / 300
Josh Mielke / YM / UN / 170 / 300
Donald Bunting / 70+ / U / 225 / 300
Lindsay Schryer / OF / 164 / 300

GTA Event Southern Pines

23-Jun GTA 4 Southern Pines
Hitter / Div / League / Distance / Points
Will Cashin / OM / GTA / 372 / 600
Matt Kindou / OM / GTA / 355 / 550
Ryan Moore / OM / GTA / 354 / 500
Mike Zulauf / OM / GTA / 352 / 450
Josh Fowler / OM / GTA / 352 / 450
Craig Plaice / OM / GTA / 335 / 350
Mike Melnychenko / OM / GTA / 328 / 300
Cole Stephenson / OM / GTA / 327 / 250
Shaun Macquarrie ? OM / GTA / 325 / 200
Dan Robson / OM / GTA / 320 / 150
Josh Fowler / JM / GTA / 340 / 150
Andrew Jamie Carr / SM / GTA / 329 / 250
Dan Robson / SM / GTA / 325 / 200
Serge Caya / SM / GTA / 320 / 150
Doug Downey / SSM / GTA / 300 / 150
Kelly Rudney / OF / GTA / 304 / 250
Lindsay Voogt / OF / GTA / 275 / 200
Coleen Imrie / OF / GTA / 225 / 150
Debbie Peever / SF / GTA / 275 / 150