Wild Cards Are Being Prepared!

I put Wild Cards at the front end of this blog title for a reason. I’ll be talking about Wild Cards below for a reason. Do not forget about the WILD CARDS! It’s that time of year when the paths to follow into the ALD™ World Championship are narrowing. This blog is to remind hitters how they can still get in. If you’re not leading in League Points, or World Ranking Points, and you have not won a Regional Qualifier, you still have a chance to get into the World Championship without waiting for the LCQ….even if you have not played a single event yet.  Our system is designed to get as many talented people qualified for the Worlds as possible.  Let’s review the paths:

  1. World Ranking Points – Each Event pays World Ranking Points. The amount paid is based upon your finish and the number of people participating in your division. You win more points when you beat more folks….it’s that simple. At the end of the season the highest ranked person in each division gets and automatic invite to the Worlds.
  2. League Points – World Ranking Points are applied to all home games played. If you chose a “Home” league when you registered for a Tour Card, ALD™ will keep track of the points you earned playing in your Home League to determine League Ranking by division. Points earned outside your Home League apply to World Ranking, but not to League Ranking. League Division winners get an automatic invite to the Worlds.
  3. Regional Qualifiers. Division winners at each ALD™ Regional Qualifier get an automatic invite to the Worlds. And….Regional Majors pay double points that can help move you up in the World Ranking Points battle…should you not win your division at the qualifier….or in your league.
  4. CPI. Stands for Competition Performance Index. ALD™ will multiply the number of events entered by your World Ranking Points to determine your CPI. CPI rewards frequency of play. The player in each division with the highest CPI at the end of the season gets an invite to the ALD™ Worlds.
  5. Wild Cards. After all division Winners are determined, ALD™ staff and Tournament Directors each have Wild Cards to award to players they feel have what it takes to compete in the Worlds, but did not get through via any of the other paths.

As of this writing there are only a handful of events left in the season. It is important to know you still have a shot even if you have not won a regional, or if you’re not leading in League or World Ranking Points. You still have a shot even if you have not played an event yet. But, you need to get started and keep playing to the end. Get signed up, and go compete! Not only does experience on the tee ensure a better performance, it can get you a Wild Card slot in the Worlds! Wild Cards let you bypass the Last Chance Qualifier and go straight into the World Championship Competition Rounds on August 16th.

Qualification Hierarchy

You may have wondered, “What happens if I win my League Division, Lead in World Ranking Points, and I won a Regional Qualifier?” If that, or any combination of more than one qualification occur, ALD™ will decide which qualification applies so we can determine an alternate hitter for the position not used.

  1. World Ranking Points…. supersede all other qualification methods. If you won your league and you’re leading in World Ranking Points, you will be transferred by way of World Ranking Points. The League Division winner spot will then be given to person who finished in the number two spot in your division in your league.
  2. League Ranking Points ….supersede Regional Qualifications, and CPI. If you are leading in League Points and you also won a Regional Qualifier, you will be transferred by way of the League Ranking Points Win. The Regional Qualifier spot you held will be offered to the person who finished second in your division at the qualifier.
  3. Regional Qualifier Wins….supersede CPI qualifying mainly due to the level of competition at Regionals.  If you are leading in CPI and also won a Regional, we will transfer you based upon the Regional win. Your spot in CPI will go to the person in second in your CPI division.

We want as many talented hitters as possible to make their way to the Worlds. That makes a better championship in our opinion. We also understand the the commitment of time and family (and other) priorities that affect your discretionary time and resources. Our system is designed to, not only get hitters engaged in the sport of long drive, but to become better competitors.

Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) & Wild Cards

The largest Qualifier of the season, the LCQ, offers a final shot at the World Championship. Division winners at the LCQ transfer into the Competition Rounds the following day. But wait….there’s more. Yes, there are a few (very few) Wild Cards reserved for the LCQ. Please keep in mind, Wild Cards exist to give talented hitters another opportunity to compete at the World Championship level. We want the best amateur long drivers in the world in our championship.


At event after event, we see the most experienced hitters coming out on top. There’s nothing better than on-the-tee competition experience to improve your game. To be the best you can be in this port, compete in as many events as you can. To be competitive at the World Championship….compete in as many events as you can. There are 10 more events this season in the USA and Canada as of this writing.

Wild Cards

Reminder….The reason for the Wild Card is to reward talent. In a recent Regional Qualifier, we saw the top three spots go to hitters that had been competing in League Events. Fourth and down included some awesome talent, who didn’t show their best. We may go pretty deep in some of the leagues and qualifiers to award Wild Card transfers.