About ALD

We’re huge fans of Professional Long Drive! We’ve watched as the sport grew and then waned. Like any fan of the sport, we were delighted to see The Golf Channel pick up the pieces and once again move the sport in a forward direction.

Our parent company iNetGolf, LLC began covering the ParaLong Drive program back in 2013 when we saw an exhibition in Atlantic City, NJ. We developed Amateur Long Drive™ as a grass roots effort to promote and grow the sport by introducing it to to amateurs of all skill levels, ages, and abilities.

The Amateur Long Drive World Championship is a competition for non-professionals. Long drive participants compete in age brackets for trophies and prizes. The inaugural Amateur Long Drive World Championship was August 25-26 in Myrtle Beach, SC at Legends Golf Resort.  

We’ve been fielding lots of questions about eligibility…and our definition of Amateur versus Professional. Here is the exact working of our current ruling.
*We realize there’s some gray area when determining professional status as a Long Drive competitor. Here’s our definition as of July 22, 2017: If (in the past 5 years) you were on the world rankings list and / or received payment for Long Drive competition, you are considered a Long Drive Professional for the purposes of this tournament. You may not compete as an amateur. We will consider creating an “Exhibition” (gray area) division if there’s enough interest, but those competitors shall not compete against amateurs.

In the “previous” absence of a true amateur competition, many competitors entered “non-sanctioned” events where winners were paid. If fall into that category and were not paid in the past 5 years, you may compete as an amateur in this event.

We hope this clears the confusion.

Jeff Gilder

Tournament Director, iNetGolf, LLC / Amateur Long Drive World Championship