Equipment Rules

We’ve fielded several emails and calls about driver rules for this competition. We’ve decided to make a minor tweak for the Open rounds only.

For Amateur competition rounds we will be following the rules as outlined HERE and below.


Golf clubs must appear on the United States Golf Association USGA® Conforming List. Clubs on the USGA® Non-conforming list will not be allowed. Golf clubs must conform to the USGA® Rules of Golf (appendix ll, 1c), which limits golf club length to a maximum of forty-eight inches (48”).

Golf Ball

Players are required to hit the golf ball provided by ALDC at all events. Players are required to ensure their ALDC issued balls are visible at all times on the hitting tee.


Any tee is allowed in ALDC competition.

If You Can Swing It….Bring It To The Open Rounds

For the Open Championship rounds we’ve decided to allow non-conforming drivers this year. We’ll take a look at this again for 2018. Since the Paralong Drive competitors will be eligible for the Open rounds, and that division allows non-conforming drivers, we’re going to allow them to use them in the Open rounds. Therefore any competitor who qualifies for the Open rounds will be allowed to use ANY driver 50″ or less. If you can swing it….bring it.  But, we’ll still be requiring hitters to hit the official balls that will be provided.