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Live Feed - 2018 ALD World Championship Final Round


The Amateur Long Drive™ (ALD™) Championship Competition

Amateur Long Drive™ (ALD™) seasons run from September 1 through August 31st.  The ALD™ Championship Series consists of multiple long drive tournaments conducted within leagues across the United States in conjunction with four (4) Major Qualifiers and an annual World Championship. Each league will have competitors vying for world ranking points to make their way into the ALD™ World Championship at the end of the season.  Visit the ALD™ League Portal HERE. In addition to league play, competitors may qualify for the World Championship at four Major Regional Qualifiers. Those qualifiers consist of the Eastern, Central, and Western Region events in addition to the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) that is held each year on the day before the World Championship.

Live Coverage

ALD™ provides live coverage of the World Championship and certain other major and special events. Family and fans may watch the competition here on

Sponsorship Opportunities

We’re grateful to all the sponsors who support Amateur Long Drive™ and our grassroots efforts to grow the sport. If you would like to be part of the buzz, contact us HERE to receive a list of sponsorship opportunities and our 2018 sponsorship package.

Corey Culver

2018 ALD™ World Champion

Thanks To Our ALD™ Sponsors, Advisers & Supporters!


Pre-Tournament Details

If you registered and have decided not to compete, please reply and let us know. Thank you.  Qualifying If you have not yet qualified, you will need to do so Thursday August 16th at the event location, Barefoot Resort & Golf Driving Range (see attached for...

ALD Midwest Qualifier Results

The ALD Midwest Qualifier presented by EK Golf took place Saturday July 21st at Willow Creek Golf Course between 5 PM and 7:30 PM. The field of competitors included entries in Adult Male, Senior Male, Youth 12 and Under Female and Youth 12 and Under Male. Competitors...

2018 World Championship Schedule

As we near the dates for the 2018 ALD World Championship schedule details are firming up. Below is the overall schedule as it stands today. There may be a few minor tweaks, but the dates for qualifying and competition will not change. Be sure to make your lodging...

Long Drive Equipment – Shark Attack Golf

We've been having a blast traveling around the country meeting amateur long drivers. I am blown away by the desire to compete that has been shown by so many. We're seeing that most of our hitters are competing in long drive for the first time....approximately 90%. ...

ALD Championship Series Survey

Fill out my online form. var p1lvnuia0jr6gz4;(function(d, t) { var s = d.createElement(t), options = { 'userName':'thegolfdirector', 'formHash':'p1lvnuia0jr6gz4', 'autoResize':true, 'height':'915', 'async':true, 'host':'', 'header':'show',...

Posting of Schedule Changes and Other News

Posting of Schedule Changes Fortunately to date we've only had to make a couple of schedule changes. We will ALWAYS post changes on the website under "Qualifying Schedules" (https:/ as well as on Facebook. Please make it your...

Daniels, WV Qualifier Cancelled

We made the call Wednesday morning the 23rd to cancel this event due to some incoming storms. At this time it doesn't look good for getting another suitable date at Glade Springs before the World Championship.All those registered for this event may use their...

Congratulations to all Division Champions! Youth Female: Hannah Marsden | Youth Male: Dallas Johnson | Junior Female: Rachael Wilkenson | Junior Male: Daxx Carr | Adult Female: Tina Gac | Adult Male: J.P. Patrylo | Senior Female: Dale Bellaire Patterson | Senior Male : Mark Lawrence | Super Senior Male: Dennis Duncan | Veteran: Corey Culver | Senior Veteran: Paul Williams | VGA: John Camping | VGA Senior: Steve Kubik | Adaptive Division Winners: Rich O’Brien; Thomas Maneely; Fred Gutierrez; Gianna Rojas; Josh Swindle; Byron Heyward; Chris Arnold; & Henry O’Grady

2018 Amateur Long Drive Open World Champion: Corey Culver

The 2018 Amateur Long Drive™ World Championship

Drew 134 Hitters  from 25 States and 5 Countries.

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Pensacola Florida