ALD Regional Opportunities

The Need

The sport of long drive needs more on-the-tee competition for aspiring amateur hitters. Whether the desire is to develop ones game in preparation for professional competition or to just compete as amateur, long drivers are in search of affordable competition.

Amateur Long Drive™ Championship Series

Beginning with the 2018/19 season (September 1, 2018) we will “officially begin the Amateur Long Drive™ Championship Series. In a few selected areas long drivers will be able to compete in multiple events for regional, national, and world ranking points. We will offer regional opportunities to five (possibly more) interested tournament directors for this inaugural season to beta test the concept in a live environment. We’ve been testing the process, format, scoring system, and points system since early 2018. We’re developing software for the world ranking points system….with live scoring, so competitors will be able to see where they are compared to all other members in their region, their country, and the world


The Amateur Long Drive™ Championship Series is a membership based organization.  To be eligible to compete long drivers will purchase an annual membership. Tournament Directors will host multiple events in a defined region where members will compete for Regional, National, and World Ranking points. Members will be allowed to compete in any sanctioned ALD event regardless of where their membership is based. Members will advance/qualify into ALD National and/or World Championship events. For the inaugural season, the series will culminate with the ALD World Championship. In future seasons (possibly by 2020) there will be a U.S.A. (and other countries) National Championship followed by the ALD World Championship. The 2018/19 season will consist of regional series and ALD Special Events.

Special Events

To facilitate qualifying opportunities, There will be ALD Special Events (Majors) in selected regions to give long drivers (whose area is not served by a series) a path to the championship. These Special Events will also serve to develop new ALD Championship Sereis territories.


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