There are actually three parts to this rule change: Limiting the time period for buy-ins to 10 minutes; Adding “Top 2” head-to-head competition at the end of competition rounds (or additional sets); and changing from 6 balls in 2 minutes to 8 balls in 3 minutes.

In past Regional Major events, competitors have been given the opportunity to buy additional sets after the first 2 competition rounds. That option is still available, but is limited to ten (10) minutes following the the last round. A player may buy multiple rounds, but all have to be committed during that ten minute period.

At the end of the Additional rounds, the top 2 hitters will go head-to-head to determine the winner and the player getting the 2020 ALD™ World Championship spot.

Also changing in the competition format is the allotted time and number of balls hit during a round. For all Regional Majors going forward we will hit 8 balls in 3 minutes. League play will remain at 6 balls in 2 minutes.

Reminder: Winners of each division get an automatic transfer to the Worlds.

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