What Is The Current Event Schedule

All League, Regional Major, Special, and World Championship events are added under our Schedule tab as they are confirmed. Check that page often as we will be adding events each month. 

How Do I Compete In ALD™

 ALD™ Leagues are availalbe in certain areas across the United States and Canada. ALD™ Leagues host multiple events annually. You may also compete in ALD™ Major Qualifier Events. All ALD™ competitors are required to hold a current ALD™ Tour Card. ALD™Tour Cards may be purchased HERE.

How Do I Get Into The ALD™ World Championship?

There are multiple pathways into the ALD™ World Championship. 1. Through the ALD™ Championship Series league competition. 2. Through ALD™ Major Qualifiers. 3. World Ranking Points. 4. Competition Performance Index (CPI) 5. Wild Card Picks

See ALD™ Rules and information HERE

What Are ALD™ Leagues?

The ALD™ Championship Series consists of Long Drive leagues / series’ located across the United States and Canada. Leagues host multiple events annually. Participators compete for regional, national, and world ranking points. See league directory HERE.

What is the cost to compete in an ALD™ event?

The ALD™ Tour Card / membership costs $100 annually. That membership serves as a license to compete in any ALD™ event.  League event fees may very. Currently they are $50 across the U.S. and $75 in Canada. Regional Major Qualifier competition fees are $100, and World Championship competition fees are $200 unless otherwise posted. Please check event listings for prices and offers.

How Long Are Amateur Competitors Driving The Ball?

Every event returns different results. Distance is affected by wind, humidity, grid conditions, and weather. Minimum qualifying lengths (when they apply)  are listed in the ALD™ Rules HERE.

How do I Register For An ALD™ Event?

For league events, you must first purchase an ALD™ Tour Card / Membership at the event or online. You may register for league events at the event or online from the Schedule page. Major Qualifier per-registration instructions are posted on the event listing.

Are there any ALD™competitions near me?

Please check the league portal HERE for leagues that are currently operating and check the Major Qualifiers page for updates.

How Many People Transfer To the World Championship From Leagues and Regionals?
The top player in each division based on World Ranking Points will transfer to the Worlds Championship regardless of League Standing
The top player in each division from each League will transfer to the World Championship
The top player in each division from each (Western, Central, Midwestern, and Eastern) Regional Major will transfer to the World Championship. Competitors in the Regional will also get double World Ranking Points. Players may compete in all Regionals if they wish.
The top player in each division from the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) will transfer to the Worlds. In addition to these spots, we will add several more transfer spots based upon participation via the Competition Performance Index (CPI). CPI takes into account World Ranking Points and events entered. The league commissioner may also add Wild Card picks based upon the number of championship slots available after invitations are confirmed.  For example….players who are eligible to transfer from the Leagues and Regionals will have to commit by August 1st to maintain their position in the World Championship. The next player in line at the League and Regional will be the first alternate for those positions….and so on. After the final tally, additional invitations may be offered. 
What Is The Dress Code For ALD™ Competition

The dress code is actually left up to the facility hosting the event. It is doubtful there are many golf courses that would want us showing up in tank tops and cut off shorts. The safe answer….normal golf attire.

If I Competed As A Professional, Can I Enter An ALD™ Event

You may enter and participate in our events, but cannot earn points or transfers to the World Championship until you have regained your Amateur Status via the USGA. Please read this article.

Our company (Ultimate Long Drive, Inc) launched Xtreme Long Drive™ January 2020. Get more information by clicking this linl –  Xtreme Long Drive™

How Are World Ranking Points Issued?
  1. ALD™ Tour Card / membership is required to receive competition points
  2. Points are only awarded at ALD™ Sanctioned Events
  3. ALD™ World Ranking resets at the beginning of each season (no points are carried over from season to season)
  4. Points are awarded in each division and shall be weighted based upon “Strength of Field” .
  5. League / World Ranking Points Distribution (Majors pay double points)


Number  10+ 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
1st 600 550 500 450 400 350 300 250 200 150
2nd 550 500 450 400 350 300 250 200 150  
3rd 500 450 400 350 300 250 200 150    
4th 450 400 350 300 250 200 150      
5th 400 350 300 250 200 150        
6th 350 300 250 200 150          
7th 300 250 200 150            
8th 250 200 150              
9th 200 150                
10th + 150                  

Let Us Know If You Have Any More Questions